Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Refugee by Alan Gratz
One of the original reasons why I was considering choosing this book was because Ms. Vatakis recommended it and said that it was a really good read.
When we were choosing our top 3 books, I chose this as one of them because I read the blurb and it seems really interesting, I'm wondering how they’re going to be connected and if the different stories affect each other. Also, we're hearing a lot about the refugees from Syria and I think that it’ll be interesting to hear/read it from their perspective.

However, in the end, this was the only book from my top 3 choices.

My reading schedule
The first number in each box is the date.
The second number is the number of pages I'll read in that day.
The A represents the assignments(ie. A4 = assignment four)
There are 340 total pages in the book
20% of the book is 68 pages
I've arranged it so that I'll read 68 pages in 3 days and do the assignment in 2 days
I also have 3 extra days if I need to take some extra time for an assignment(4 if you count the 8th)

Monday, 20 March 2017

Genetically Engineered and Un-Genetically Engineered

There are two different characters in the movie and novel that we have just learned about but they're also very similar, they’re both outcasts in their societies. One had a dream to go to outer space, and the other wanted to be a normal boy. At the start of their stories, they’re both rejected because; Matt’s genetically engineered and Vincent isn't genetically engineered. But at the end they’re accepted into their society, when the doctor let Vincent go even though he knew he was an “Illegal.” and When Esperanza tells matt; “You can’t have two versions of the same person at the same time, Esperanza went on. One of them--the copy--has to be declared and unperson. But when the original dies, the copy take his place.”(pg. 367)

Both societies take place in the future, where technology has advanced greatly and is used to their advantage. Eejits and clones from The House of the Scorpion, and the genetically superior from Gattaca. Both stories also have a controlled society, in Gattaca, everyone is always getting tested to see if they’re invalid, In The House of the Scorpion there are the eejits, lost boys and lost girls, for each they are controlled.

Matt and Vincent were both told they weren’t good as everyone else and kept getting pushed down because they were different. Matt was only a leader when he was with the lost boys because they didn’t know he “was” a clone. For Vincent, it was when he became Jerome Morrow and got the respect and rights that he deserved. Both the movie’s and the novel’s society thrives of sameness, it shows this in The House of the Scorpion how the keepers are always drilling the “Five Principles of Good Citizenship and the Four Attitudes Leading to Right-Mindfulness” into the Lost boys.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Asylum Seekers Caught!

In chapter 14 and 25 we learn about the Farm Patrol and more about Celia's background, what we learn is profoundly connected to real life problems, so we're doing a current event for it. For mine, I chose "Illegal immigrant families crossing border at record pace in 2016." This connects to Celia because she was also caught seeking asylum in America. And when Matt learns in chapter 26 and 27; how many people have tried to make it, because of all the orphans who's parents failed to cross the border. It's like how the 32,000 thousand families caught trying to go to America last year.  ("This is an orfanato, an orphanage. The state is our family now. That’s why the border guards wait along the frontera. They catch the kids of rockheads who make a run for it and turn them over to the keepers” – Chacho p.268)

Celia and the other people needed to cross the border because they needed a better life and to escape from the factory. But the rest of them were all turned into Eejits, which could be argued that it's worse because they don't have any choices and could die of someone forgot to tell them to get a drink.

People leave because they're trapped and they need freedom. When most people try to cross the border it’s because there are problems where they live, whether it's food, endangerment, war, their jobs or any number of things. They need a new start, so they try to cross the border hoping that there's a better life on the other side.

Sometimes Asylum Seekers get Coyotes; people that help refugees get across the border for payment. Celia and a few other women also employed a coyote to help them, but he abandoned them as soon as there was danger leaving them to the Farm Patrol.

Last year there was a record amount of illegal immigrants crossing the border, and there were over 32,000 thousand families caught trying to cross the border. In 2014 is was 40% percent lower and it's currently double last year's amount. Although in late 2014 and early 2015 the number of illegals dropped because of a surging workforce at the border.

Nancy Farmer has used some real life aspects in this novel. We can see this happening in real life, Something has to be done!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

How does Matt think? The House of the Scorpion

What elements of worldview are most influential to Matt?

I believe that the worldview that most affects Matt's actions and decisions is the "View of Human Nature" because he's always wondering whether the people around him have good or bad intentions. like when Felicia came to Celia's apartment," Why? Matt knew he was being rude, but when had the Alacráns been anything else to him? Besides, there was something creepy about the way Felicia swayed back and forth." Matt didn't know if Felicia had good or bad intentions, turns they were bad.

And with El Patrón, "What should I do? What should I do? whispered Matt, hugging himself and rocking himself back and forth in the dark passageway. He loved El Patón. He wanted to be with him at the hospital, to watch over him and urge him back to health. But at the same time, Matt remembered Maria saying that she did know the source of El Patrón's transplants: And it's Evil!" He was constantly wondering whether El Patrón would use him for is organs. There are lots more references in the book to how he thinks,  and how he thinks of others.

I believe that the worldview that most affects Matt's actions and decisions is the "View of Human Nature" because he's always wondering whether the people around him have good or bad intentions. When Felicia came to Celia's apartment, Matt didn't know what Felicia's intentions were.
And he was always thinking if El Patrón would use him for is organs. 

Characteristics of a Caregiver

Do you know what makes a caregiver?

A caregiver regularly looks after the elderly, sick, children or disabled people, they help them with their daily living whoever they may be. It's when you put their needs(whoever you're caring for) in front of your own. You support them and sometimes you have to give up things for them whatever it may be. You supply them with stuff, you meet their needs and you're there for them. When you give care, that is being a caregiver. When you look after someone by cooking for them or doing chores that, makes you a caregiver.

Tam Lin, Celia, and El Patrón are good examples of a caregiver in the start of the book.
Celia is always on Matt's side protecting him and helping him. Here are some quotes;

  • "Matt owes you nothing, and he's going to pay you nothing. You can't use him for transplants."
  • "When you had your first heart attack, I poisoned Matt with Foxglove from my garden," said Celia. "I'm a curandera, you know, as well as a cook. I made Matt's heart to unstable for a transplant."
  • "Don't cry, Mi Vida. I love you more than anything in the world."
El Patrón rescued Matt from the "Chicken Pen" and he gave him education and everything he wanted
Tam Lin taught Matt skills, gave him books and supplies he also taught him what is ethically right and wrong.
In a way, Rosa was also a caregiver she gave him food but she didn't meet any other needs so its a stretch.

The House of the Scorpion, Individual Post #2: Thoughts so far

So now we've read up to page 101 and there are many things that have happened that I want to talk about. When Furball was found in the toilet from Tom(we think), I think that it was a message to Matt that he was an animal and he would get rid of him like he was willing to do to Furball. At the birthday party where El Patrón says "I outlived them all as I outlived all my enemies. Of course, I can always make more enemies." and "They're just like robots." I think that nobody in the Alacrán family or the people that work at the Big House likes El Patrón and they all want to get rid of him but they're also afraid of him like Matt figured out:  "It's because they're afraid of El Patrón, Matt realized." I'm not sure about Tam Lin, though, he's kind or mysterious and we don't know a lot about him, but he did save Matt and he also doesn't like the Alacrán family, "Tom is a filthy little pustule" said Tam Lin. "And so is the rest of that family." I'm also wondering when will they start treating Matt like a human being and like el Patrón's successor because at one point when El Patrón dies Matt has to take his place and they can't treat him like that when he has become the infamous drug lord.

The House of the Scorpion; Individual Post #1: Welcome to the Scorpion Project

Today my class and I started our first grade 8 novel study. We’re doing it on a book called The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. It won 3 awards so it's bound to be an engaging book. It seems like it will be a great book but there are tons of assignments we have to do on the side for it, like blog posts, quizzes, and Litspiration Challenges. And I've created a new page for it because from now until March 20th my blog will be flowing with posts about The House of the Scorpion so make sure you stay updated